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 From a young age, Kiarna grew up listening to a number of different genres including Reggae and Bhangra, which relates to her unique heritage of Asian and Caribbean.
Music runs through Kiarna’s family, her father who is a former drummer has always been a role model. Growing up, Kiarna would watch her father play the drums which naturally taught her how to read music and understand a vast range of musical tempos. From being inspired by vinyl and cassettes, Kiarna grew up learning the root of music. She is also a self-taught DJ.
Kiarna is also the partner of Spin-Milz, who has helped shape her career and passion for music/radio. He has supported and inspired Kiarna to perfect her craft daily and become the best she can be. They are known for joint collaborations through mixes, mini routines as well as their brand new TikTok page “SpinMilzAndKiarna”.

Tune into Kiarna kickstarting your weekend Friday mornings from 10-12pm (bi-weekly) with a fresh guide to new music, selections that she has on repeat and exclusive mixes showcasing her versatility through a variety of genres, globally inspired.

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