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 As a versatile DJ, Elmz knows how to control the crowd knowing when to warm the party up all the way through to cool it down, giving Elmz the #CrowdControllaa title.

DJ Elmz started his DJ journey off using Virtual DJ from the age of 10 seeing it as a game not taking it seriously, 4 years later returning to the software to try it after being influenced by UK SoundCloud DJ’s. During this time Elmz would drop constant Dancehall mixes as this was his speciality genre.

Elmz has made appearances on Reprezent Radio featuring Guest Mixes for Nike DJ Spin-Millz.

It wasn’t until the Summer of 2019 Elmz had his first residency in a bar in Tottenham playing mainly pop and commercial music, not where he wanted to be but was a good starting block for gaining confidence playing to a crowd.

Present day, Elmz has DJ’ed live at a number of venues ranging from radio shows, parties and bars these consisting of diverse audiences and has released many mixes all of these bringing great energy due to his vast musical knowledge.

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