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Hailing from East London, Spin-Milz is a DJ & Broadcaster.

Heard on Reprezent Radio, Spin-Milz started his craft  from a young age in his dad’s old studio. Teaching himself the basics of DJ techniques such as scratching, mixing and music organisation.

From this, Spin-Milz later discovered the digital world of DJ’ing which is something he never looked back from. Using his existing gathered skills and bringing it to life with the help of modern DJ technology.

As his craft was built, Spin-Milz wanted to take his career to a new level, however it was not so easy as he was not at the age of 18 yet which limited him to certain aspects of his career. In the meantime, he had a vision to still take it further, then discovering radio and the tight integration with DJ’ing as well as microphone skills.

With research, practice and hard work, Spin-Milz managed to start a radio career as a Broadcast Assistant on Reprezent Radio. From a positive work ethic and determination, Spin-Milz was awarded his own specialist radio show.

Once turning 18, along with the necessary skills gathered over the years, Spin-Milz was finally in a better position to take his craft further. He was called for his first club booking by DJ Jordan Barra then progressing onto working with many other promoters and event planners across the spectrum.

Now a resident DJ at Nike’s global flagship Nike Town London store, Spin-Milz sets himself daily tasks and motivation which allows him to experiment & improve his craft on a regular basis.

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