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MixBoy Wonder Is a versatile DJ that specialises in all types of music such as Dancehall , Afrobeats, Hip Hop, Rap, Trap, RnB, Garage, House, Funky House, Grime Jungle, 80s,90s,Pop just to name some of the top of his head.

Mixboy Wonder started to DJ on a local  private radio station in London, UkflowTv, TouchFm and HightzLive before Guesting on a slot on RinseFm. Which lead to bigger opportunities.

Whilst being a young single full-time parent, this didn’t stop Mixboy Wonder pushing all his passion and love for music more and more.

He later got his first residency in Club opera, Tottenham. From there his career began to Take Off.

He later started to become a very short warm up DJ on the London UK Urban Scene as well as the house & garage.

Realising that he found his passion, Mixboy Wonder began expanding putting on his own club night in and around Shoreditch , London, UK.

Mixboy Wonder Has DJ’d with and for:

B Young, Stevo The Mad Man, Sk Vibe Maker, Jeremiah asiamah, Sam Suppler, Rude Kid,

Dj Pioneer,Rampage Sound System, maximumBBK, The Menendez Bros, JackNDanny,Audio Whores, Oram Beckles, Arsenal fan TV (AFTV)  and many more

Mixboy Wonder has also established himself in the production and recording side of music having digital releases with different record labels.

Mixboy Wonder is an experience and accomplished DJ, having taken his work across the UK and Europe to name a few:

• Scotland
• Leeds
• Manchester

• Amsterdam
• Spain
• Malta
• Coventry

• London
• Wales

Mixboy And Friends Events 

Mixboy Wonder also runs fortnightly and monthly parties,He provides nothing but vibes, energy and happiness to any dance floor.

Mixboy Wonder currently residents for Boxpark Wembley, Basil Spaice MMS DJS.

Mixboy Wonder is definitely looking to expand and get more residents over the weeks. Private party’s and club bookings can be made in advance information provided above.

Permission to be asked before using any Mixboy Wonder logo or  imagery. Legal action will be bought against an individual or business.

Mixboy Wonder

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