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He started his DJing career back in 1995 after being inspired by the rave scene and started mixing Jungle and Drum & Bass. This was his preferred music choice and was inspired by the likes of DJ Micky Finn, DJ Hype, Randall and Brockie.
You would have found him DJing in and around East Anglia and also spent a bit of time in Ibiza until he took a hiatus in the mid naughties. He has always had a passion for music and returned to the scene mixing UK Garage in 2019. On top of returning to the scene behind the decks he also runs a promotions business promoting nightclub and festival events.
His future goals are to continue promoting events and wants to promote a huge rave event. He says that all outdoor events seem to be called festivals nowadays and he wants to bring back and modernise the rave scene.
His passion though is DJing and playing music for the crowd. He gets his buzz from seeing the crowd dance and having a great time!
you can catch Mat P on Sunday’s at 2pm

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