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Introducing Loxzsta, an underground House/Afro House Dj based in the Midlands
Music became a passion from childhood which was highly influenced from the
likes of producers and artists such as; Franky Knuckles, Marshall Jefferson, Mary
J Blige, Erykah Badu, Luther Vandross, Gregory Isac, Roseta Tharpe. Although,
loxzstas biggest influence came from Michael Jackson. This inspired Loxzsta to
join a local breakdancing school which was run by his cousin, Paul Steadman who
was also a member of the dance group Trinity. This heightend Loxzstas passion
for music even more and gave him the opportunity to participate in a dance
performance on Nickelodeon.
In 2001-2002 Loxzsta started out as a jungle and drum n bass Mc with his older
cousin Mackie who was a Dj and also an Mc, this is where Loxzsta would find
himself daily messing around on his cousin Technics turntables, playing Harry
Lime and Ronni Size vinyls. Within the same year, Loxzsta formed part of a
garage group called Sick Mode Cru which consisted of one DJ and eight MC’s.
Eventually, the name changed to Rinse Tru Cru and loxzsta was known as
‘Rhulox’. During his time within the group Loxzsta performed at local events within
his city such as under 18s discos and carnivals.
After a short break from music, Loxzsta took an interest in DJing and began to
build a musical network with prodcuers and artists. This led to the decision to
purchase his first ever DJ controller in 2014. Teaching himself the basics, loxzsta
began to live stream his house sessions and distribute cds within the community
in order to bring house music to a wider audience.
Developing his skills throughout the years, Loxzsta seized the opportunity to hold
his own urban event in the city of Derby alongside another DJ, Wiseone.
In 2020 Loxzsta began his biggest opprtunity as of yet, when he was asked to join
an international radio station, OneDanceRadio. This is where Loxzsta began to
develop his radio presenting skills and evolve as a DJ during his own show,
CountryBoySessionz. Although only a cover show it became popular amongst
Listeners, airing every wednesday 18:00-20:00. Alongside this, Loxzsta’s Lab
featured every saturday 22:00-00:00, hosting different guests mixes each week
from the likes of Calle Lebraun, Iwizz, DJ Sparx, Housey Mami, Noudle and
Presently, Loxzsta continues to grow and adapt his style as a Dj, continuing with
his residency show on OneDanceRadio. With this success he has been able to
bridge the gap between the house and urban scene in London and Derby.

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